CHAPTER I. ALCOHOL, ITS VARIOUS PORMS AND SOURCES. Its chemical structure. How produced. Boiling points. Alcohol and water. Alcohol, where found. Produced from decomposition of vegetables. Sources. Principal alcohols 1

CHAPTER II. THE PREPARATION OF MASHES, AND FERMENTATION. A synopsis of steps. Mashing starchy materials.

Gelatinizing apparatus and processes. Saccharifing. Cooling the mash. Fermentation. Yeast. and its preparation. Varieties of fermentation: —Alcoholic, acetous, lactic and viscous. Fermenting periods. Fermenting apparatus and rooms. Strengthening alcoholic liquors 8

CHAPTER III. DISTILLING APPARATUS. The simple still. Adams still. Concentrating stills. Compound distillation. Dorn's still. Continuous distillation. The Cellier-Blumenthal still. Coffey's still. Current stills. Regulating distillery fire 33

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