Denaturants Deposited In Warehouse

"SEC. 27. As the distiller's business demands, he may bring into the de-naturing bonded warehouse, in such receptacles as he may wish, any authorized de-naturant. Such de-naturants shall at once be deposited in the material room; thereafter they shall be in the custody and under the control of the officer in charge of the warehouse. Before any de-naturant is used it must be dumped into the appropriate tank and after the contents have been thoroughly mixed, a sample of one pint taken therefrom. This sample must be forwarded to the proper officer for analysis. The officer will then securely close and seal the tank.

No part of the contents of the tank can be used until the sample has been officially tested and approved, and report of such test made to the officer in charge of the warehouse.

If the sample is approved the contents of the tank shall upon the receipt of the report, become an approved denaturant and the officer shall at Once remove the seals and place the tank under Government locks.

If the sample does not meet the requirements of the specifications, the officer shall, upon the receipt of the report of non-approval, permit the distiller, provided he desires, to treat or manipulate the proposed de-naturant so as to render it a competent de-naturant. In such case another sample must be submitted for approval. If the distiller does not desire to further treat the de-naturant the officer shall require him immediately to remove the contents of the tank from the premises."

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