Denatured Alcohol To Be Removed From Warehouse

"SEC. 51. Not later than the close of business on the day following that upon which the work of drawing off and gauging the de-natured spirits is completed, the distiller must remove said de-na-tured alcohol from the de-naturing bonded warehouse. He may either remove the alcohol to a building off the distillery premises, where he can dispose of it as the demands of the trade require, or he may dispose of it in stamped packages direct to the trade from the de-naturing bonded warehouse."

Sections 52 and 53 relate to records to be kept by the distiller showing de-natured alcohol received and disposed of by him, and the parties to whom the same was sold or delivered. Sections 54 to 57 cover reports and records to be made by officers and collector.

Part II of the Regulations relates to dealers in denatured alcohol, and manufacturers using the same.

"SEC. 58. Alcohol de-natured by use of methyl alcohol and benzine as provided in section 26 of these regulations is to be classed as completely denatured alcohol. Alcohol de-natured in any other manner will be classed as specially de-natured alcohol."


"SEC. 59. Neither completely nor specially denatured alcohol shall be kept or stored on the premises of the following classes of persons, to wit: dealers in wines, fermented liquors or dis tilled spirits, rectifiers of spirits, manufacturers of and dealers in beverages of any kind, manufacturers of liquid medicinal preparations, or distillers (except as to such de-natured alcohol in stamped packages as is manufactured by themselves), manufacturers of vinegar by the vaporizing process and the use of a still and mash, wort, or wash, and persons who, in the course of business, have or keep distilled spirits, wines, or malt liquors, or other beverages stored on their premises. Provided, That druggists are exempt from the above provisions."


"SEC. 60. Anyone using de-natured alcohol for the manufacture of any beverage or liquid medicinal preparation, or who knowingly sells any beverage or liquid medicinal preparation made in whole or in part from such alcohol, becomes subject to the penalites prescribed in section'2 of the Act of June 7, 1906."

Under the language of this law it is held that denatured alcohol can not be used in the preparation of any article to be used as a component part in the preparation of any beverage or liquid medicinal preparation.

A person, firm, or corporation desiring to sell denatured alcohol, must make application, in proper form, to the district collector on or before the first of July each year, and if the provisions of the law have been violated the permit may be withdrawn (Sections 61 to 65).

Sections 66 to 71 relate to the keeping of records by collector, and wholesale and retail dealers.

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