Denaturing Agents Completely Denatured Alcohol

"SEC. 26. Unless otherwise specially provided, the agents used for de-naturign alcohol withdrawn from bond for de-naturing purposes shall consist of methyl alcohol and benzine in the following proportions: To every 100 parts by volume of ethyl alcohol of the desired proof (not less than 180°) there shall be added 10 parts by volume of approved methyl alcohol and one-half of one part by volume of approved benzine; for example, to every 100 gallons of ethyl alcohol (of not less than 180 degrees proof) there shall be added 10 gallons of approved methyl alcohol and one-half gallon of approved benzine. Alcohol thus de-natured shall be classed as completely de-natured alcohol.

Methyl alcohol and benzine intended for use as denaturants must be submitted for chemical test and must conform to the specifications which shall be hereafter duly prescribed."

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