Denaturing Regulations

UNDER THE ACT OF JUNE 7, 1906. Under the Act quoted above, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue was empowered to make regulations whereby the law might be carried into effect.

In the first place it may be said that those who are permitted by this Act to manufacture denatured alcohol must be distillers; in other words, those who have regularly licensed and registered distilleries. This does not mean that the plant must be large or costly—as witness the numerous little "stills" to be found throughout the South; but that the still, whatever its size, must be under constant supervision, and regularly licensed to manufacture alcohol. The requirements to this end can be had from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Treasury Department, Washington.

Pursuant to the law regarding de-naturing, rules and regulations have been drawn up of which the following is a synopsis with extracts where deemed advisable.

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