How Denatured Alcohol Shall Be Gauged

"SEC. 42. The gauging of de-natured alcohol shall, where it is practicable, be by weight. The officer shall ascertain the tare by actually weighing each package when empty. Then, after each package has been filled in his presence, he shall ascertain the gross weight, and, by applying the tare, the net weight.

He shall then ascertain the proof in the usual manner, and by applying the proof to the wine gallons content the proof gallons shall be ascestained.

The regulations relating to the gauging of rectified spirits, so far as they apply to apparent proof and apparent proof gallons, shall apply to denatured spirits. Where it is for any reason not practicable to gauge denatured alcohol by weight, using the tables that apply in the case of the ganging of distilled spirits, the gauging shall be by rod."

Sections 43 to 45 provide for the returns to be made by the Government officials, and the proper marking of the packages containing de-natured alcohol; and Sections 46 to 48 lay down the form of the Government stamps and their use.

Section 49 places the mixing tank absolutely in the control of the warehouse officer, and requires if he leaves the warehouse he must close and lock the same. Section 50 deals with records to be kept by warehouse officer.

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