Record Of Denaturants Received

"SEC. 28. The officer shall keep a de-naturing material room record. This record shall show all material entered into and removed from the denaturing material room.

There shall be proper columns on the debit side in which are to be entered the date when any material is received, the name and residence of the person from whom received, the kind of material, the quantity in wine gallons, and, if methyl alco hol, in proof gallons, the date upon which the material was dumped into the tank, the number of the tank, the date upon which sample was forwarded, and the number of the sample, and the result of the official test.

On the credit side of said record shall be entered in proper columns the date upon which any material was removed from the de-naturing material room for denaturing purposes, the kind of material, the number of the tank from which taken, the number of the sample representing the tank and sent for official test, the number of wine gallons, and, if methyl alcohol, the number of proof gallons."

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