Spirits Transferred To Be Marked

"Upon receipt of the permit by the storekeeper the packages of distilled spirits described in notice of intention to withdraw may be withdrawn from distillery bonded warehouse without the payment of the tax, and may be transferred to the de-naturing bonded warehouse on the distillery premises; but before the removal of said spirits from the distillery bonded warehouse, the gauger, in addition to marking, cutting, and branding the marks usually required on withdrawal of spirits from warehouse, will legibly and durably mark on the head of each package, in letters and figures not less than one-half an inch in length, the number of proof gallons then ascertained, the date of the collector's permit, the object for which the spirits were withdrawn, and his name, title, and district.

Such additional marks may be as follows: Withdrawn under permit issued Jan'y. 10, 1907 For De-naturing Purposes Proof gallons, 84 William Williams, U. S. Gauger, 5t.h Dist. Ky."

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