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Figure u8(0 Flow apparatus

1.3.2 Literature Sources

Before using literature data, it is strongly recommended to consult j ¡the original reference from which the data is derived. This will ¡enable a- least some preliminary judgement of the quality of this ¡data.

¡Several sources of VLE data are available in the literature. A number ! I of texts collected several published sets of data and correlated ¡them. Some of the recent texts are briefly discussed below. A more

[comprehensive list is available in references 4 and 45.

IWICHTERLE et al (54) A complete bibliography for VLE data. Includes jmany East-European references. No data are presented, only references.

GMEHLING AND ONKEN (55) Comprehensive data collection for more than 6000 binary and multicomponent mixtures at low and moderate pressures,

¡together with data correlation and consistency test.

¡HALA et al (56) Tables of binary data for 300 systems, correlated by I ¡Antoine vapor pressure constants, Van Laar and Margules activity ! coefficients.

¡HIRATA et al (36) Tables of binary data, correlated with the Wilson ' ¡equation, and for high pressure data, with a modified Redlich and Kwong equation. !

API (57) Extensive data on hydrocarbons, reference to several other | hydrocarbon data sources.

¡PRAUSNIT- et al (45) Extensive compilation of constants to be used | in the UNIQUAC equation. j

;HI2A et al (53) A bibliography for cryogenic mixture data.

¡KICKS et al (59) A bibliography of VLE data for binary systems.

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