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flGURE S.2.1 condenser ARRANGEMENT, CASE 1 (based on REF 2 )

CASE 2 Improper Draining (Reference 2)

INSTALLATION A horizontal in-tube condenser with axial inlets and outlets (Figure 8.2.2).

PROBLEM Condenser could not achieve its design capacity. Problem occurred because condensate from the axial outlet could not drain, so about half the area was inactive.

SOLUTION Ensure drains are placed at the lowest part of the exchangers, and vents are placed at the highest part.

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CASE 3 Improperly Drained Condenser (Reference 3)

INSTALLATION A kettle reboiler, boiling propane refrigerant in the shell to condense ethylene vapor in the tubes. The condensate flowed by gravity into an accumulator, located below the exchanger. From the accumulator, liquid was pumped out (Figure 8.2.3).

PROBLEM Exchanger was designed to condense 26,000 lb/hr ethylene; in practice, only 15,000-16,000 lb/hr was condensed. Cause was traced back to undersized nozzle and condensate line connecting the exchanger and accumulator.

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