Estimating Separation Efficiency Part 2 Vital Grossel Olsen

Part 3: Trayed columns

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Part 4: Column auxiliaries

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The authors wish to express their appreciation to John Aycock and Peter Lodal for their editorial contributions, and to J. R. Winter, Jim Dorton and again to John Aycock for supplying useful photographs. They are all with the Tennessee Eastman Co.

The authors

Mark E. Harrison is a senior chemical engineer with Tennessee Eastman Co. (P.O. Box 511. Kings port. TK 37662. He works in the Process Systems Engineering Dept. of the Engineering Div.. where he specializes in distillation column design, troubleshooting and debottlenecking. He has been involved in the commissioning of more than 15 distillation svstems. Currently Eastman's representative in the University of Texas' Separations Research Program, he has also served as the companv's alternate representative to Fractionation Research. Inc. (FRI). A recipient of B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from Tennessee Technological University. he is a registered engineer in the State of Tennessee and a member of AIChE.

The author

John J. France is Southeast Regional Manager for Glitsch. Inc. <8254 One Calais Ave.. Suite 250. Baton Rouge. LA 70809: tel.: 504-769-7612). He provides technical assistance on distillation systems. A holder of B.S. degrees in education and chemical engineering and an M.S. degree incheimcalengineering.all from New Mexico State Univenity. he has worked for Conoco. Inc.. El Paso Natural Gas Co.. and Southern Union Refining Co. A registered engineer in the State of New Mexico, he is a member of the New. Mexico Hazardous Waste Management Soc.

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