Pressure drop, cm W.C.

FIG. 14-129 Typical cut diameter as a function of pressure drop for various liquid-particle collectors. Curves 1a and b are single-sieve plates with froth density of 0.4 g/cm3; 1a has sieve holes of 0.5 cm and 1b holes of 0.3 cm. Curves 2a and b are for a venturi scrubber with hydrophobic particles (2a) and hydrophilic particles (2b). Curve 3 is an impingement plate, and curve 4 is a packed column with 2.5-cm-diameter packing. Curve 5 is a zigzag baffle collector with six baffles at 0 = 30°. Curve 7 is for six rows of staggered tubes with 1-cm spacing between adjacent tube walls in a row. Curve 8 is similar, except that tube-wall spacing in the row is 0.3 cm. Curve 9 is for wire-mesh pads. To convert grams per cubic centimeter to pounds per cubic foot, multiply by 62.43; to convert centimeters to inches, multiply by 0.394. [Calvert, J. Air Pollut. Control Assoc., 24, 929 (1974); and Calvert, Yung, and Leung, NTIS Publ. PB-248050, 1975.]

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