*The author believes that low-molecular-weight hydrocarbons refers to light hydrocarbons at atmospheric conditions or under vacuum. The foaming tendency of light-hydrocarbon distillation at medium pressure [>7 bar (100 psia)] is medium; at high pressure [>21 bar (300 psia)], it is high.

source: W. L. Bolles (Monsanto Company), private communication, 1977.

Chem. E. Symp. Ser. 104, p. A483 (1987); Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 27, p. 2331 (1988); Lemieux and Scotti, Chem. Eng. Prog. 65(3), 52 (1969)]. The hole diameter effect is large in the spray regime but small in the froth regime. In the spray regime, entrainment also increases as the fractional hole area is lowered, but this variable has little effect in the froth regime [Yanagi and Sakata, Ind. Eng. Chem. Proc. Des. Dev. 21, 712 (1982); and Kister and Haas, loc. cit.].

Entrainment Prediction For spray regime entrainment, the Kister and Haas correlation was shown to give good predictions to a wide commercial and pilot-scale data bank [I. Chem. E. Symp. Ser. 104, A483 (1987)]. The correlation is

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