Pall Rings
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FIG. 14-63 Overall mass transfer coefficients for carbon dioxide absorbed from air by 1N caustic solution. (a) 1-in Pall rings and Raschig rings. (b) 2-in Pall rings and Raschig rings. Air rate = 0.61 kg/s^m2 (450 lb/hrft2). To convert from lb/hrft2 to kg/s^m2, multiply by 0.00136. To convert from lb-moles/hrft3 atm to kg-moles/s^m3 atm, multiply by 0.0045. [Eckert et al., Chem. Eng. Progr., 54(1), 70 (1958).]

the effect of physical absorption, and the relative values in the table may not hold for other cases, where much of the resistance to mass transfer is in the gas phase. Background on this combination of physical and chemical absorption may be found earlier in the present section, under "Absorption with Chemical Reaction."

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