Murphree tray efficiency, with entrainment, gas concentrations, fractional




Height of an overall transfer unit, liquid phase concentrations



Nomenclature (Continued)

H ' Henry's law coefficient

HETP Height equivalent to a theoretical plate or stage Jg Dimensionless gas velocity, weep correlation, Eq. (14-124) JL Dimensionless liquid velocity, weep correlation, Eq. (14-125) k Individual phase mass transfer coefficient k First order reaction velocity constant k2 Second order reaction velocity constant kg Gas mass-transfer coefficient, wetted-wall columns [see Eq. (14-171) for unique units] kG gas phase mass transfer coefficient kL liquid phase mass transfer coefficient K Constant in trays dry pressure drop equation K Vapor-liquid equilibrium ratio Kc Dry pressure drop constant, all valves closed Kd Orifice discharge coefficient, liquid distributor Kg Overall mass-transfer coefficient

K0 Dry pressure drop constant, all valves open Kog, Kg Overall mass transfer coefficient, gas concentrations



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