FIG. 14-80 Cost of trays. Price includes tray deck, valves, bubble caps, risers, downcomers, and structural-steel parts. The stainless steel designated is type 410 (Peters and Timmerhaus, Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, 1991).

that for Fig. 14-80 and Table 14-17, the effective cost date is January 1990, with the Marshall and Swift cost index being taken as 904.

As indicated above, packed column internals include liquid distributors, packing support plates, redistributors (as needed), and holddown plates (to prevent movement of packing under flow conditions). Costs of these internals for columns with random packing are given in Fig. 14-81, based on early 1976 prices, and a Marshall and Swift cost index of 460.

Cost of Column The cost of the vessel, including heads, skirt, nozzles, and ladderways, is usually estimated on the basis of weight. Figure 14-82 provides early 1990 cost data for the shell and heads, and Fig. 14-83 provides 1990 cost data for connections. For very approximate estimates of complete columns, including internals, Fig. 14-84 may be used. As for Figs. 14-82 and 14-83, the cost index is 904.

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