The second (integral) terms represent the numbers of transfer units for an infinitely dilute gas. The first terms, usually only a small correction, give the effect of a finite level of gas concentration.

The procedure for applying Eqs. (14-21) and (14-22) involves two steps: (1) evaluation of the integrals and (2) addition of the correction corresponding to the first (logarithmic) term. The discussion that follows deals only with the evaluation of the integral term (first step).

The simplest possible case occurs when (1) both the operating and equilibrium lines are straight (i.e., the solutions are dilute); (2) Henry's law is valid (y0/x = yt/x, = m); and (3) absorption heat effects are negligible. Under these conditions, the integral term in Eq. (14-21) may be computed by Colburn's equation [Trans. Am. Inst. Chem. Eng., 35, 211 (1939)]:

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