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Equation (14-18) is the more useful one in practice. It requires either actual experimental HOG data or values estimated by combining individual measurements of HG and HL by Eq. (14-19). Correlations for Hg, Hl, and HOG in nonreacting systems are presented in Sec. 5.


On occasion, the changes in gas flow and in the mole fraction of inert gas can be neglected so that inclusion of terms such as 1 - y and yBM can be approximated, as is shown below.

One such simplification was suggested by Wiegand [Trans. Am. Inst. Chem. Eng., 36,679 (1940)], who pointed out that the logarithmic-mean mole fraction of inert gas yBM (or yBM) is often very nearly equal to the arithmetic mean. Thus, substitution of the relation

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