Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, timely and appropriate action will be required to make the pilot plant safe as quickly as possible. The nature of the emergency will determine the correct course of action but the steps suggested in Table 12.11 are recommended in the absence of other directions.

Table 12.11 - Emergency Shut-Down Procedure for the Reactive Distillation Pilot Plant


Action Required


Assess danger to plant and personnel. Advise any occupants of the adjoining offices to evacuate and raise the alarm if necessary.


Turn off the reboiler at the voltage regulator, if possible, or cut power to the pilot plant at the three-phase plug in the north-eastern comer of the lab or by pressing the emergency power isolation switch on the western wall of the laboratory.


Isolate the hydrocarbon feed cylinders. If the pressure is low, isolate the product cylinders too, otherwise relive the pressure buildup to the product cylinders.


Stop the feed pump. Continue to circulate chilled water through the bottoms cooler and condenser and leave instrumentation operational to provide feedback on the condition of the column. Ensure that the feed tank is vented outside the laboratory.


Isolate the level column if the sight glass breaks.


Initiate standard shut-down procedures as soon as it is safe to do so.

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