The non-reactive stage model forms the basis of the feed stage model. Additional terms are required in the mass and energy balances to model the incoming feed:

j ~ LinxljH+Vinxljn Loutxi#ui V0utxi,out (7-25) at

in ijn in i,in out i,out out t,out

Py, =y, -x-.-pr


II &-1



M = f(L,p,hA)


P = Pt: + f( M,V )


7.2.5 Condenser Model

The condenser model (equations 7.33-7.39) is somewhat simpler than the non-reactive stage model although similar variable relationships are used. The condensing pressure is determined from the inlet pressure and a pressure loss which is a function of the inlet vapour flow rate only. However, it is possible to specify the condensing pressure within the global model as any pressure specification satisfies the degrees-of-freedom of the model and the index constraint.

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