Installation in the Laboratory

The column is mounted on a customised frame for operation in the laboratory. The column is supported from the top by a pulley and at four points over its length by clamps fixed to the frame. The overhead condenser is hung from a roof beam by lightweight chain. The feed tanks sit on a raised platform while the feed and product cylinders, and the product tank sit on the ground. All cylinders are chained in place in accordance with regulatory requirements. The feed pump is bolted to the laboratory floor. The bottoms cooler is mounted on the wall behind the column.

The piping is mostly supported on the main frame or attached to the rear wall. Compression joints were used almost exclusively during installation to simplify assembly and disassembly. The various components of the instrument air system are also mounted on the rear wall. The main instrument panel is connected to the column frame and bolted to both the floor and rear wall. As far as possible, the instrument displays and electrics are separated from the piping and other equipment to avoid the possibility of leaks interfering with the electrical circuitry. Sample points were installed for both products so that samples can be taken for compositional analysis at various times during a test run. Figure 11.8 indicates the piping layout and the location of the instrumentation (i.e. the P&ID).

The control equipment was mounted in a separate control box that is located on a bench near the pilot plant. A personal computer (a Pentium 120) sits adjacent to the control box and serves as the operator interface using SCAN 3000 software.

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