Crude Assay

The complete and definitive analysis of a crude oil is called crude assay. This is more detailed than a crude TBP curve. A complete crude assay contains some of the following data:

1. Whole crude salt, gravity, viscosity, sulfur, light-end carbons, and the pour point.

2. A TBP curve and a mid-volume plot of gravity, viscosity, sulfur, and the like.

3. Light-end carbons analysis up to C8 or C9.

4. Properties of fractions (naphthas, kerosenes, diesels, heavy diesels, vacuum gas oils, and resids). The properties required include yield as volume percent, gravity, sulfur, viscosity, octane number, diesel index, flash point, fire point, freeze point, smoke point, and pour point.

5. Properties of the lube distillates if the crude is suitable for manufacture of lubes.

6. Detailed studies of fractions for various properties and suitability for various end uses.

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  • amy-leigh
    Why is crude assay to c9?
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