Refinery Material Balance Spreadsheet Program

To run the program the following data in the spreadsheet are updated.


1. Time period or number of days in the month.

2. Crudes to be processed.

3. Total crude rate to each crude distillation unit, in thousands of barrels per day.

4. Operation mode of each crude and vacuum column.

5. Unit capacities available for each crude and vacuum column.

6. Disposition of atmospheric resids to various vacuum distillation columns.

The distribution of various crudes to crude distillation units (CDUs) and their operation mode is decided by the user; the spreadsheet program computes the flow rates and properties of various crude cuts on the basis of crude assays data and the unit test runs.

Disposition of atmospheric resids from CDUs to various vacuum distillation units (VDUs) is decided by the capacity of the VDU, its mode of operation, and sometimes the need to segregate certain feedstocks. For example, one VDU may be reserved to produce asphalt from certain heavy crude and another VDU may choose feedstocks to produce lubricating oil distillate only.

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