Area of downcomer - J (5.2)« gj) - 3-03(5.2/2) cos (*/2) - 1.0 sq. ft.

Total area of downcomers on each side of plate equals 2 sq. ft,, which is the assumed value.

A schematic plate layout is shown in Fig. 16-13. The center line of the row of caps nearest the weir is 25.8 — 5 in. from the center with a length of 46.6 in. The number of caps in this row will be 46.6/6, or 7 caps. The distance between the inlet and outlet rows of caps is 41.6 in., and this will allow 9 rowsof caps with 1.6 in. over which will be used for the inlet weir. The total number of caps is 77.

/Downffow pipe to y plate below

-Exit weir

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