The liquid which has passed through the press is turbid and requires clarification before being used. This is effected by collecting the sake in large tuns which have two holes near the bottom one above the other, and closed by means of plugs (see Figure 1). After the lapse of about 15 days the suspended matter has settled to the bottom, and the greater part of the clear liquid may then be drawn off by removing the upper plug, and collecting the liquid in proper vessels. The remainder is allowed to stand for a longer time,

*. "Das Verfahren beim Sake Brauen ist an sich so vollkommen, dass bedeutends Verbesserungen darin nicht gemacht werden konnen, wenn man nicht das schliessliche Product so dadurch verandern will, dass so eben nicht mehr Sake ist." (loc. cit., p. 257, English translation from Japan Mail, August 1878).

and the clear part is separated by opening the lower hole. What remains is termed ori and is added to another brew just before filtering.

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