Of the Manufacture of Whisky.—Four processes employed : 1. Mashing.—Quantity of grain and malt used—Description of the process—Temperature of the water—Quantity of water used—Number of mashes—Strength of the worts—Specific gravity, and produce in alcohol—Remarks on Whisky made by smugglers—Experiments to ascertain the quantity of alcohol in worts—Number of mashes used by distillers.—2. Cooling—Methods of cooling the wort—Cooling by evaporation —By pipes immersed in a running stream of water—Temperature to which the worts are cooled down for fermentation.—3. Fermentation—Description of the process—Yeast employed—Different portions mixed with the wort—Time the fermentation lasts—Temperature employed—Increase of heats —Table of temperature in seventy-six brewings—Decrease of specific gravity as the fermentation proceeds—Alcohol stops the process of fermentation—General observations on the process of fermentation.—4. Distilling—Dimensions of stills— Stills used in Scotland when the license-duty was charged— Construction of the still now in use—Conducting the process— Strength of the weak spirits, or low wines—Description of the process continued—Selection of grain by distillers, 329-366

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