Chapter Ii

Of the Scottish System of Ale-Brewing.—1. Mashing— Description of the process—Temperature of the water and malt—Sparging, or sprinkling, to obtain the quantity of worts required—Description of the sparger—Practical inquiry into the comparative advantage of mashing by the English and Scottish methods.—2. Boiling the Wort—Process of boiling the worts investigated—Divided into four actions, by which the strength of the worts are regulated, and the quantity of the future production of Ales determined in the boiler.— 3. Cooling the Wort.—Strength of wort calculated when spread on the coolers—Loss by evaporation and escape of the saccharine extract—Condensation—Improved methods of coolings—4. Fermentation—Temperature of the worts when set to ferment—Description of the process—Charge of onset—

—Methods of conducting the process at Edinburgh and in the Alloa district—Dr Thomson's experiments on brewers' and distillers' worts—Attenuation—Inquiry into the maximum quantity of «malt used in brewing the highest-priced Ales— Description of Bell's Beer, a celebrated Ale produced in Edinburgh.—5. Cleansing—Methods of cleansing adopted in Edinburgh and in the Alloa district, . . 189-236

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