Of the English System of Ale-Brewing.—Superiority of the English system of brewing—General description of the method of conducting the process—English malt liquor divided into classes—Practical details of the process of the common brewers in the manufacture of Ale.—1. Malt—Mashing— Description of the mashing-machine, driven by hand—Division of the worts to brew Ale of different strengths.—Boiling the Wort—Process of boiling to be regulated by the quantity of wort in the boiler—Hop extract—Aroma and first bitter principle—Directions for boiling the hops—Construction of boilers—Economical iron boiler, with leaden crib, described.—Cooling—Improved refrigeratory coolers Observations on economy in cooling the worts.—Fermentation—Equivalent fermentation—Heats used by the English and Scottish brewers in the quick and slow methods of fermenting the worts, equivalent, in the production of Ales of the finest quality—Description of the Process of quick fermentation.—Cleansing—Process of cleansing—Improved methods of tunning, 236-276

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