Of malting*-~Observation8 on malting, and brewing from malt and raw grain—Excise-duties on malt made from English and Scotch barley and big.—Process of Malting—Steeping— Moisture imbibed—Increase in bulk of English and Scotch barley—carbonic acid evolved—Matter dissolved by the steep-water.—Couching—Time for throwing the barley from the cistern—Excise-gauge for charging the duties—Sweating— Appearance and temperature of the grain before being spread on the floors.—Flooring—Sprouting of the roots—Regulation of their growth—Temperature—Ac'rospire—Description of growth—State of the grain—Time of remaining on the malt floor.—Kiln-drying—Description of the kiln—Temperature of the malt on the floor—Gradual increase of heat the great secret of drying malt properly—Combrune's experiments of drying malt at different temperatures proved erroneous— Methods of kiln-drying—Changes produced on barley by malting—Loss of wei ght and increase of bulk of English and Scotch barley and big.—Tables of Halting. 1. Big—Produce of malt from big of the first, second, and third qualities—Produce of malt from English and Scotch barley of the first, second, and third qualities.—2. Process of malting English barley and Scotch barley and big—Description of the weight and measurement of given quantities of grain, from the steep-cistern until dried off the kiln-floor—Nature of the process of malting—Soluble part of malt—Experiments on English barley, and on Scotch barley and big, . . 15-45

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