Summary of MalTIñg and Brewing—Design of adding Observations on the Practical Methods of Brewing, to Dr Thomson's Treatise, explained—Retrospective view of the state of the arts of malting, brewing, and distilling in England—Rapid increase of the brewery business in London towards the end of last century—Decline of malting and brewing after the commencement of the war in 1803—State of the malt trade —English and Hertfordshire methods of malting—Sprinkling the floors established by Act of Parliament—Importance to Britain of her establishments of maltings, breweries, and distilleries—Amount of revenue derived from them annually— ' Population employed—Estimate of the aggregate amount of revenue from the first French revolutionary war—Impolicy of subjecting the fair trader to fiscal restraints, which injure or tend to diminish his manufacture, . 306-321

treatise on distillation.

Introduction—Of the manufacture of Ardent Spirits—No other substance can be converted into Ardent Spirits by fermentation than sugar—Different species of sugar—The names of the Ardent Spirits differ according to the material employed in their manufacture—The processes of the distiller essentially the same, 326-329

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