Since the repeal of the beer-duties in 1830, no regular return has been given of the quantities of beer manufactured by the great London houses ; but we may form an estimate approaching nearly to the truth, from the quantities of malt annually consumed. Taking thirty-six of the largest breweries of London and vicinity, we find the annual returns to be 700,000 quarters of malt; and, calculating that 2f barrels of strong beer are produced from each quarter, the quantity of porter and ale will amount to 1,925,000 barrels. Averaging 7 lbs. of hops for each quarter of malt, the quantity of the former amounts to 4,900,000 lbs. These numbers will afford the general reader some idea of the immense trade of the London breweries.

Amount of Duties on Malt and Hops charged in England and Wales, and in Scotland and Ireland, <m Malt md Bear, or Big, from the Year 1843 to the Year 1846.


Malt from Barley,

SCOTLAND. Malt from Barley, Malt from Bear I or Big J

IRELAND. Malt from Barley, Malt from Bear | or Big J

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