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The writer of this treatise has likewise extracted from barley, by means of alcohol, a small quantity of an oily matter, which has an asparagus-green colour, and does not burn with the same readiness as an oil. It has very much the appearance of olive oil coagulated, but its consistence is less, and its colour is darker. It has little smell, and its taste resembles the flavour of spirits from raw grain. We have likewise found in big a quantity of nitrate of soda. Hence it is likely that this salt exists as a common constituent of barley. We obtained it by steeping big in water for two days, concentrating the liquid, and setting it aside in a dry place. Many rhomboidal crystals of nitrate of soda gradually make their appearance as the liquid evaporates.

We shall terminate this chapter by a table, exhibiting the most remarkable properties of a considerable number of specimens of British barley and big, as determined by the writer of this treatise. The different specimens are distinguished by the name of the county in which they grew. By the bushel in the table is meant the Winchester bushel of 2150*42 cubic inches.

table op properties.

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