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Ingredients and Types

Fermented meat products such as ham and sausages have been available in different cultures for centuries. It is interesting to learn that the ways these products are produced are basically very similar in different cultures. Besides the meat, nitrite and salt, and sugar (optional), pure cultures are sometimes used, especially in fermented sausages. Microorganisms not only provide the characteristic flavor for the products, but the lactic acid bacteria also produce lactic and other acids that can lower the pH of the products. Pure cultures are sometimes used in hams to lower the pH for the benefit of inhibition of growth of Clostridium botulinum. The raw meat for ham manufacturing is basically a large chunk of meat. It is difficult for the microorganisms to penetrate into the center, unless they are injected into the interior. The microbial growth is mainly on the surface and their enzymes are gradually diffused into the center. In comparison, for sausages, the cultures, if used, are...

Important Microorganisms

Clostridia are widespread in nature and occur in raw milk. Only very few cases of illness due to C. botulinum can be attributed to cheese thus, the major concern is spoilage due to C. tyrobutyricum, which causes late blowing of hard or semihard cheeses. Late blowing occurs when the number of C. tyrobutyricum in the cheese milk exceeds 10-50 spores per liter and the pH is 5.2 or higher (15). During late blowing, lactate is converted into butyric acid, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen spoiling is characterized by extreme eye formation, split defects, and off-flavors. Prevention of spores in cheese milk can be achieved, to some extent, by bactofugation (16), but bactofugation is not adequate to prevent late blowing. Double bactofugation or microfiltration is, however, sufficient to prevent late blowing. If it is not possible to bactofugate or microfiltrate, the addition of nitrate or lysozyme is an alternative, but the legal amounts allowed of these compounds may not be sufficient to prevent...

Genes and Genetic System

Several species of the genus Clostridium are ofbiotech-nological interest because of the end products of their fermentative metabolism, the stereospecific reductions that they undertake, and the potentially important enzymes that they produce. Other species, such as C. botulinum, produce some of the most powerful toxins known today, which have been commercialized for medical treatments such as the correction of crossed eyes.

Bactericidal and Antiviral Effects

Catechins in tea leaf have bactericidal and inhibitory effects on human pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, V. fluvialis, B. cereus, C. perfringens, and Clostridium botulinum. Tea leaf can also improve the intestinal microflora by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms also, it has bactericidal and inhibitory effects on some harmful intestinal microorganisms. Green tea is extensively used in the clinical treatment of intestinal dysentery in the former USSR. After consumption of green tea for 2-3 days, the dysentery bacteria are inhibited, and patients may recover completely in 5-10 days.

Spoilage Of Bakery Products

In some cases, bacteria may cause a serious spoilage problem in bakery products. In white and wholemeal wheat bread, the heat-resistant endospore-forming Bacillus subtilis is known to cause ropiness (1-3), especially if the bread is produced without preservatives or sourdough (4). Other Bacillus species such as B. licheniformis and to some extent also B. cereus, may survive the baking process despite their lower heat resistance, but they will not cause ropiness (4). B. cereus is capable of causing food-borne infections and intoxications, but B. subtilis and B. licheniformis have also been implicated in food poisoning (5). Another and more serious spoilage organism is the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium botulinum which may grow and produce toxins in high-moisture bakery products like English-style crumpets (pH 6.5 and aw 0.99) when packaged in modified atmosphere (6). Crumpets were toxic after 4 and 6 days respectively, when inoculated with 5 x 102 bacterial spores per gram after or...

Fermentation Principles

Despite backslopping's long history and wide use, there are several drawbacks associated with it. Such products often have inconsistent quality and fermentations can be unreliable and difficult to control. In large production facilities in Europe, and especially in the United States, short and consistent fermentation times, standardized production schedules, and consistent product quality have become essential. A manufacturer producing a single, small batch of product can tolerate delays, and may even come to appreciate differences in product quality. However, inconsistent product quality and production delays due to sluggish fermentations are unacceptable for large manufacturers who have substantial employee payrolls and tight production schedules.Above all,the entire back-slopping process can be considered microbio-logically risky, since any deviation from the norm (i.e., slow or delayed fermentation) may permit growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, C. botulinum,...

The role of components of the curing mixture

The key component is sodium nitrite, which promotes the typical colour of preserved meats through the formation of nitric oxide compounds by reaction with the haem of myoglobin (Fig. 13.1). Furthermore, it contributes to flavour as well as inhibiting the development of pathogens such as Clostridium botulinum. The downside is the production of the potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines and so there are legal limits on how much may be used (e.g. 120 ppm for US bacon). Meat typically has a pH of between 5.5 and 6 after rigor mortis is complete. At this pH, nitrite is converted to N2O, which also features in curing. Nitrate may replace nitrite, in which case it is converted to nitrite through the action of bacteria.


The forming of a saturated solution on the surface of hams is an indispensable condition for the correct diffusion of salt to the more internal fractions (5). The thermohygrometric parameter values should be chosen on the basis of sure scientific ground (e.g. minimum growth temperature, in the pH, and Aw conditions, of the internal fractions, of a reference pathogenic microbe (e.g., type B Cl.botulinum). The technologies currently employed are essentially different on account of the thermohygrometric values (temperature and relative humidity) and the modality of storage of the products in the salting rooms.

Curing agents

Nitrite is mainly added to sausages (and not just those that are fermented) because of its effectiveness as an antimicrobial agent. In particular, nitrite inhibits the out-growth of C. botu-linum spores (Box 6-4), making it one of the most powerful anti-botulinum agents available to the processed meats industry.Although fermented meats contain combinations of organic acids and salt, both effective antimicrobials, neither provide a sufficient degree of inhibition against this organism. It should be emphasized, however, that nitrite alone, at the levels currently used, does not entirely inhibit C. botulinum. Rather, it is the combined effects of nitrite along with organic acids, low pH, and low aw that effectively control the growth of this organism during the manufacture and storage of fermented sausage.


To solder large items, you will need a hand-held butane or propane torch. For silver soldering and brazing, a set with a separate oxygen tank makes a MUCH hotter flame. You need solder and flux, and the only kind you should get is lead-free Flux is a paste that you paint on the surfaces to be soldered. It dissolves the oxides that form a barrier between the solder and the metal. There will be a warning on the container, but it bears repeating here treat plumbing soldering flux with respect It is acidic and corrosive. Wash it off your work when you finish soldering, and wash yourself carefully if you get it on your skin.

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