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The handcrafter's companion is a program designed to help everyone regardless of whether they have ever tried the making soap on their own and failed or whether they are newbies. This program uses step by step guide which contains information easy to read, understand and successfully apply to make your home-made soaps and spa treatments. All the techniques applied in this program have undergone through testing and results have proven that they work efficiently to guarantee you 100% positive results. When you enroll in this program, you will not strain in wondering where you will get the raw materials, how to package your product or where to supply the products as all these are already in place. This program has many benefits attached to it some of them being to ensure that your skin glows naturally and you save on the cost you could have otherwise spent on spa treatments. Read more here...

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ByProduct Utilization

Soy Sauce Oil The soy sauce oil obtained from pressing of the fermented mash comes mainly from the denatured oil in the soybean. It has the brown appearance of soy sauce and is very viscous. The neutral oil is mainly ether esters. It is used as substrate for making soap or as deodorant in the production of amino acid liquid.

Denatured Alcohol And Denaturing Formulae

The uses of alcohol are very numerous and varied, the principal being, of course, for the production of all alcoholic liquors such as brandy, gin, rum, whiskey, liquors, etc. that distilled from grain is almost entirely consumed in the manufacture of whiskey, gin, and British brandy. In the arts, strong alcohol is employed by the perfumers and makers of essences for dissolving essential oils, soaps, etc., and for extracting the odor of flowers and plants by the varnish-makers for dissolving resins by photographers in the preparation of collodion by the pharmaceutists in the preparation of tinctures and other valuable medicaments by chemists in many analytical operations, and in the manufacture of numerous preparations by instrument makers in the manufacture of delicate thermometers by the anatomist and naturalist as an antiseptic and in medicine, both in a concentrated form (rectified spirit), and diluted (proof spirit, brandy, etc.), as a stimulant, tonic, or irritant, and for...

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