To Make A Lasting And Durable

Take unslaked lime, bay salt, oil of olive, of each a like quantity, and mix them well together and distill them in sand. Cohobate the oil upon the same quantity of fresh lime and salt, and this do four or five times. By this means will the oil be clear and impregnated with what salt was volatile in the lime and salt.

Now that saline impregnation is that which gives a durableness to the oil.

Note that this oil while it is distilling is of a most fragrant smell. I have some of it which I distilled seven times and it is as pure, subtle, and odoriferous as many common distilled oils and vegetables. This oil, besides the durability of it, is also good against any inveterate ache in the limbs. A lamp made with this oil will continue burning six times as long as a lamp made of other oil. Also, it burns very sweet.

There must be a great deal of care used in making of it, or else you will quickly break your glasses. Also, you must take very strong lime, such as the dyers use, and call cauke.

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