To Purify And To Give An Excellent Smell And Taste Unto Oil Of Olive That They That Loathe It May Delight To Eat It

Take of a good sort of oil of olive, though not of the best. Put the same into a vessel of earth or copper that has a little hole in the bottom thereof which you may stop with wax or a cork to open at your pleasure. In this vessel, for every quart of oil add four quarts of fair water, and with a wooden spatula or spoon beat them well together for a quarter of an hour's space. When you have so done, open the hole in the bottom and let out the water, for the oil does naturally flee above, as being the lighter body. As soon as the water is passed away, stop the hole, and put in other cold water. Begin a new agitation as before, and work in the like manner diverse times as you did at the first, until in the end the oil be well cleansed and clarified. If the last time you work it with rose water, it will be so much the better. Then hang in the midst of the oil a coarse bag full of nutmeg sliced, cloves bruised, and the rinds of oranges and lemons cut small. Set the vessel in balneum for two or three hours and, I suppose, he that loathes oil will be easily by this means drawn to a liking of it.

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