Tbe author wishes to express his gratitude to Brown & Hoot Braun, particularly to Walt Stupin and to Jim Gosnell, for their strong back-Bg and support for this effort. Special thanks are also due to my parents for their warm encouragement and inspiration throughout and far the German translations. The author is also grateful to his coauthors—Joe Haas, David Hart, and David Gill—for producing out-ttanding chapters while keeping ahead of all the deadlines. Appreciation is also due to my mentors over the years, particularly Ian Doig, Dick Harris, Trevor Whalley, Reno Zack, Tom Hower, Walt Stupin, and Jack Hull, for their immense encouragement of my work; much of their teaching found its way into the following pages.

The author is grateful to the many contributors that willingly shared experiences with him, provided unpublished data for developing the charts in Chapter 10, and supplied advice on applying their correlations. Special thanks are due to McGraw-Hill's editorial and production staff, in particular to Peggy Lamb, for outstanding quality, efficiency, and cooperation. Finally, the author gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Sherlyn Severson who tirelessly and flawlessly typed this manuscript.

The author will be pleased to hear any comments or experiences any readers may wish to share for possible inclusion in a future edition. Write to H. Z. Kister, Brown & Root Braun, 1000 South Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, CA, 91802, USA. All communications will be answered.

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