Packings are generally divided into three classes:

1. Random or dumped packings (Figs. 8.1 to 8.6): These are discrete pieces of packing of a specific geometrical shape which are "dumped" or randomly packed into the column shell.

2. Structured or systematically arranged packings (Figs. 8.8 to 8.11): These are crimped layers of wire mesh or corrugated sheets. Sections of these packings aire stacked in the column.

3. Grids (Fig. 8.14): These are also systematically arranged packings, but instead of wire-mesh or corrugated sheets these use an open-lattice structure.

Random packings are by far the most common in commercial practice. Structured packings are less common, but their share of the packing market has rapidly grown over the last decade. The application of grids is limited primarily to heat transfer and wash services and/or where a high fouling resistance is required.

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