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The vapor Schmidt number, ScG and the effective gas velocity, ueff, are calculated by Eqs. (9.206) and (8.18), respectively. Values of the channel angle 8 and of the packing equivalent diameter, d^ are in Table 8.1. The liquid flow rate T is given by r =


The available perimeter p of the packing channels is given by

Bh h

The flow channel geometry is illustrated in Fig. 8.9, and dimensions S, B, and h (whenever available) are listed in Table 8.1. The effective area of the packing, ae, is the packing surface area that is wet, i.e., ae = pa.

For wire-mesh structured packings, due to the excellent wetting characteristics of the surface, as well as for corrugated-sheet structured packings at above 85 percent of flood, the packing surface is fully wetted, i.e.,

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