Davfd R Gill

Simulation Sciences, Inc., Brea, California

Interpolation of experimental flood, pressure drop, and maximum operational capacity (MOC) data is the most reliable and accurate method available for predicting flood, pressure drop, and MOC. As pointed out in Sees. 8.2.6 to 8.2.9, use of correlations to predict these parameters can lead to poor and dangerously optimistic results in many situations frequently encountered in commercial practice.

This chapter presents an atlas of charts for interpolating flood, pressure drop, and MOC. For random and grid packings (Charts 10.1002 to 10.3517 and 10.8005 to 10.8205), the charts are plots of the Eckert generalized pressure drop correlation (GPDC) curves, with experimental data superimposed on them. These plots permit data interpolation

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