point (Sec. 8.2.7), the Strigie et al. criterion is equivalent to designing \ at 76 to 86 percent of the flood-point velocity. This criterion is therefore less conservative than the above flood-point criteria.

Pressure drop. Packed towers are designed so that the pressure drop at any poiht in the tower does not exceed a recommended maximum value. Maximum pressure drop criteria for packed towers are listed in Table 8.4. For vacuum distillation, foaming systems, and where fan horsepower needs to be minimized, the pressure drop criteria frequently set tower diameter.

table 9.4 Maximum Pressure Drops Recommended for Packed Column* with Random PackingĀ» (Continued)_

Maximum pressure drop, Type of System_inch water/ft packing Reference

Absorbers (Note 5) (Continued)

Amine absorbers (Note 5)

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