Eq. (6.61)

* Center-to-side flow. tSide-to-center flow.

* Center-to-side flow. tSide-to-center flow.

Comment. The calculation converged on the first trial to within reasonable accuracy. The calculation showed that the weep fraction is small (<0.07). As per Sec. 6.2.12, a weep fraction of up to 0.1 can be tolerated. This small weep fraction appears inconsistent with what would be expected based on the proximity of the operating point to the predicted dump point and on the large gap between the operating point and the predicted weep point.

Colwell and O'Bara (58) imply that the Lockett and Banik (56) weep rate correlation is conservative at high pressure (Sec. 6.2.12). This correlation [as modified by Colwell and O'Bara, Eq. (6.34)] can therefore give a useful conservative check.

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