Tj Stage temperature, stage j.

T* Reference temperature of the simple if-value model of an inside-out method, Eq. (4.85).

i Time value used in a relaxation method, Sec. 4.2.11.

t Homotopy parameter defined by Eq. (4.114).

/, Term used in the weighting factors of an inside-out method, defined by Eq. (4.102).

Uj Liquid holdup in the column, stage j. Sec. 4.2.11.

Ufc Upper triangular matrix of LU factorization, trial k, Sec. 4.2.6.

Vj Internal total vapor rate, stage j.

Vv Reboiler boilup; internal total vapor rate, stage N.

V'v + j Rich gas feed to the bottom stage of an absorber.

v,F Component vapor rate in the feed, component i.

vv Internal component vapor rate, component i, stage j.

V Vector of total vapor rates in the column used in the total material balances, Sec. 4.2.4.

v, Vector of component vapor rates in the column, component i, Sec.

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