18 trays ** 17 spacings

Needs to accommodate a manhole as well

Large enough to accommodate manhole; in packed tower, also vapor distribution device

Comment. In this example, a tray tower is slightly shorter, and otherwise much the same size as a packed tower. In such a case, a tray tower will be preferred both because of the height saving and due to the smaller cost of trays compared to packings plus distributors. Also, the use of a trayed tower in this example will reduce the degree of uncertainty regarding performance prediction.

9.5 Nomenclature (Chapters 8 and 9) 9.5.1 English letters a. Effective interfacial area for gas-liquid contact per unit vol ume, ft2/ft3

ap Packing surface area per unit volume, ft2/ft3

At Tower cross-sectional area, ft2

Apacking Total effective packing surface area, ft2

aw Wetted surface area of the packing per unit volume, ft2/ft3, given by Eq. (9.16)

A^j Wetted column wall surface area, ft2

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