Element geometry. Due to the corrugations, vapor and liquid flow through a single element spreads in a series of parallel planes. In order to spread the vapor and liquid uniformly in all radial planes, each element is rotated at a certain angle with respect to the element below. The angle of rotation is the angle (in a "horizontal" plane) between the parallel layers in one element and between the parallel layers in an element above (or below).

The angle of rotation and the element height therefore affect the extent of vapor and liquid spread in a structured packing. For this reason, element height is relatively short (typically 8 to 12 in) and the angle of rotation is around 90°.

In each element, corrugated sheets are usually inclined at about 451

TABLE S.1 Geometric Characteristics of Common Metal Corrugated-Sheet Struc-kved Packings [Continued)

Constants for the Bravo et al. pres-Surface features sure drop correlation (91)

Perfora- surface Void Source of Data range

Surface tion area, ft2/ fraction information -

finish site, in ft3 typical (25,93) (ref. no.) in C„ GPM/ft2 Cst


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