% froth in downcomer





Summary. The third trial checks well against the various hydraulic criteria. Column capacity is limited by downcomer backup flood in the bottom section center-to-side trays (i.e., side downcomers). All trays will operate in the emulsion regime.

6.5.9 Turndown checks (based on third trial)

These checks will use all the parameters in the layout summary in Sec. 6.5,8 (Table 6.11, third trial). The minimum throughput calculations will be performed for stages 8 and 9 in the depropanizer, where the loads are lowest. Since the example requires column turndown to 60 percent of the expected design loads, the vapor and liquid loads shown in Table 6.10 for stages 8 and 9 are multiplied by 0.6 for the turndown checks.

Turndown loads

Bottom section

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