out method or a homotopy method, Sec. 4.2,10 and 4.2.12.


Specified value.

4.4.4 Superscripts

F Bulk feed to a phase in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2.13.

I Interface in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2.13.

T Transpose, mathematical representation of a vector.

L Bulk liquid in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2.13.

V Bulk vapor in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2.13.

VV Bulk side product from a phase in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2.13.

Net energy or mass transferred between bulk phases in a nonequilibrium method, Sec. 4.2,13,

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