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Flood point calculations Three calculation methods have been considered (Sec. 8.2.6): Interpolation, the Kister and Gill correlation, and the Billet and Schultes correlation. For the top section, interpolation cannot be used because, for 1.5-in PallĀ® rings, the flood/MOC data are only available for flow parameters of 0.07 and lower (Chart 10.1003). The flow parameter for the top section is 0.210 (Sec. 9.4.3). For the bottom section, the Billet and Schultes correlation cannot be used because the flow parameter is 0.524. At this flow parameter, a value for C2)fi is required (Eq. 8.5) but is unavailable in Table 8.2.

Top section Bottom section Note

1. Flood point by GPDC Interpolation Cs,fi> fVs

2. Flood point by the Kister and Gill correlation


APp], in water per ft

Capacity parameter @ flood v,cS

3. Flood point by Billet and Schultes correlation ap uL Bej. G&L (

Usrt derated % flood

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