Key Concepts of Multlcomponent Distillation

2.3.1 Key and nonkey components

This topic is best illustrated using an example. The example used here is the depropanizer described by King (7), which has previously been analyzed by Jenny (20), Hengstebeck (21), and Edmister (22).

Example 2.4 A material balance for the column is shown in Table 2.7. The column operates at a pressure of 315 psia. The feed is 66 percent vapor at the column inlet. The relative volatilities of the components at 205°F (feed plate temperature) are shown in Table 2.8. The column is equipped with a partial condenser, and the reflux ratio is 1.5. It is required to determine the number of theoretical stages.

table 2.7 Material Balance for Example 2.4

Mole % Moles per 100 moles of feed

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