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stances. Their results are shown in Fig. 3-5 for C02. The volumetric behavior predicted with the a and b from Table 3-5 for the RK and SRK equations is shown in Figs. 3-6 and 3-7. Figure 3-7 indicates that the original RK equation gives more accurate volume behavior for Tr and Pr greater than 1. This is expected because the Soave a parameter was fit to vapor pressure data which don't exist above Tr = 1. Thus, the Soave equation should not be used at large reduced temperatures. Results with the Morris-Turek parameters shown in Fig. 3-5 demonstrate better volume behavior than either the RK or.SRK equation because the area with errors greater than 10 percent (located at Pr ~ 1.4 and Tr ~ 1.01) is very small.

Saturation curve <0.5%

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